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YSL Parisienne

YSL Parisienne SP Ad

Yves Saint Laurent’s Opium was a super popular perfume back when I was in high school, but it was more for grown women. No one my age wore it. We all wore Happy by Clinique. Seriously, like eeeeeveryone. It was the cult of Happy.

YSL’s new perfume, Parisienne seems to be a fragrance created for older women, as well. The minute I smelled it, I thought: old lady perfume. I do love the Kate Moss ad campaign, but I seriously can’t imagine Kate wearing this scent. Maybe Kate’s grandma, but not Kate.

The company was kind enough to hook me up with an editorial sample so I could review the perfume more thoroughly. I found Parisienne’s top notes to be an intense, heavy blend of cranberry and blackberry. The middle notes are floral–Damas rose. I found this combo too candy sweet for my taste, even with the heavy base note of sandalwood and patchouli. I actually like woodsy scents, but this mixture was unappealing, and the initial scent was so over the top sweet that I wouldn’t pick this fragrance for day or night. I’m going to have to nix this scent.  Price: 1.0 oz. $39.00

A+ on Kate Moss’ sultry ad campaign, though. She looks amazing.