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This is Some Lifetime Movie Sh*t

rachel mccord bday 281009

For a while now I’ve noticed that every time you see 90210‘s AnnaLynne McCord at high profile events, her two tag-along sisters, Rachel (m) and Angel (l), are there for the ride. Last night (October 27) AnnaLynne even threw a 21st birthday party for Rachel at Skybar at the Mondrian Hotel in West Hollywood. Sweet, right? If she only knew the truth… Dun, dun, dun…!

I have this whole storyline in my head about the McCord sisters; it’s like a Lifetime channel movie of the week. Part of it is based in truth: They grew up in a trailer park (truth), Rachel and Angel are riding their prettier sister’s coattails (um, truth), but in reality they’re secretly bleeding her bank account dry with the help of Angel’s fiance DJ Robert Rogoff who use to date The Hills star Stephanie Pratt! (All TRUTH, aside from the bleeding the bank account part. I made that up in my head. Also, how the hell does Stephanie Pratt worm her way into every story??)


Wow. I can see why all the ladies love DJ Robert Rogoff. He’s hot in that crypt keeper/meth head kinda way. Ok so, DJ Robert Rogoff, Angel and Rachel are taking out life insurance policies on AnnaLynne’s ass because they’ve always secretly HATED their prettier sister and will eventually take her out by spiking her sugar-free Red Bull with Drano (that also probably non-truth?) Maybe.


Evidence! Angel trying to suck out AnnaLynne’s life force while Rachel tries to take over Rachael Ray’s gig pitching for Dunkin Donuts. (If you catch that reference, you get a million dollars.)

More McCord sisters after the jump.


The sisters shopping at Kitson for 90210 “Team Naomi” shirts. Sure. Way to try to look supportive while secretly scheming.


And finally, at the 90210 wrap party. Just happy to have indoor plumbing.


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