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TheFaceShop Facial Mask Sheets


TheFaceShop is a Korean skincare line that’s now being sold here in the U.S. Their products are known for being inspired by by nature, and their latest creation are serum-infused Facial Mask Sheets. The sheets are made out of natural cloth and applied to the face–no need to wash anything off! Perfect for a flight or after a long day. The facial sheets come in six different varieties that fall into two different categories: Fresh Fruit Mask Sheets, which contain vitamin-rich fruit extracts to deliver moisture and nutrients to skin, and Essential Mask Sheets, which provide intense care for immediate skin results.

The company gave me a few editorial samples of masks to try, and for the short term, they left my skin bright, soft and glowy. Be aware, however, that they were a bit perfumy; I thought for sure I would have an allergic reaction, but my skin handled them ok. As far as ingredients go, these little packs have some good stuff. However, some of them do better then others, so I advise you to read the ingredients before purchasing, if you know about that kind of thing. Look for masks with SD Alcohol 40 low on the list–I noticed the Vita B lists it third, and that’s just too drying, in my opinion.

Overall, these masks are a nice pampering treat if you’re doing a spa night or if you’re feeling like being the crazy lady on the plane. Plus, they’re cheap! TheFaceShop Facial Mask Sheets are now available at thefaceshop.com or at Walgreens nationwide. Suggested Retail Price: $2.99.

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