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The Price of Beauty

Jessica Oct. 28

Jessica Simpson just got back from Mumbai, India, yesterday with this cool henna tattoo. Neat-o. She was in India with her creepy father, Joe Simpson, and her BFF and hairstylist Ken Paves to film her new reality TV show The Price of Beauty, which will air on VH1.

Of course, I’m wondering why Ken didn’t touch up Jessica’s roots. Isn’t that the bonus of traveling with your hairstylist? But I am not going to bag on Jessica’s looks. God knows she gets PLENTY of that already, which is crazy because she’s gorgeous. Does it even need to be said that this sends such a messed up message to young girls (and women) if we’re calling Jessica Simpson fat and ugly? Gah. Mainly I try to stick to topics that make me happy on this blog, like the murder plot of the McCord sisters

Jessica Oct. 28

Whenever I see a celeb who is seemingly untouchable now (ala Miley Cyrus) I want to set a crash ‘n burn clock. You know her time is coming! We love to set them up only to tear them down, i.e. Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan, Jessica Simpson… The Hollywood machine is brutal. And addictive, apparently, because after everything Jessica Simpson has been though, she isn’t ready to give it up for some suburban life back in Abilene, Texas.

Jessica is signing up for more with her new reality show on VH1. The show will take Jess all over the world “to meet women, study local fashions, dietary fads and beauty regimes,” all in an attempt to explore the meaning of true beauty in different cultures. Hmm. Downgrade, but still in the game!

What do you guys think; is the media too hard on Jessica Simpson? And will you watch The Price of Beauty?

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