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ScarJo Goes StrawBlonde


Scarlett Johansson is the new face of the Spanish fashion line, Mango. What do you think of Scarlett with this warm blonde, almost strawberry blonde color? I like it. I feel like maybe it’s a tad light with her porcelain skin tone, but it’s a gorgeous color. Don’t you wonder what Scarlett’s hair color would be if she didn’t color it? From the roots it looks like a mousey brown, maybe. Hmm.


I went through a phase of coloring my hair a lot–from highlights to blonde to dark brown to red. But now it’s back to it’s natural color, which is a reddish blonde. I like the color well enough; plus, coloring that much is $$$! At some point in life, I will have to go back to coloring, but for now, I might as well be happy with what I have.

What do you guys think about hair color: Do you color your hair? And if so, do you do it yourself or go to the salon?


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