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Pretty, Pretty Mugshot


What’s better than watching The Hills Holly Montag and Stacie The Bartender getting eyelash extensions and blowouts? … Um, I can’t think of anything.


Oh wait! Riiight, checking out Stephanie Pratt’s mugshot. That’s pretty awesome too. Stephanie Pratt was arrested Sunday morning at 3:45 a.m. in Los Angeles after having spent the night clubbing following a birthday party for Holly Montag (more to come on the prep for that!) Stephanie was taken to jail and charged with a misdemeanor. Bail was set at $5,000 and she was released at 10:30 a.m. That is one bleak-ass mugshot, Stephanie. Perhaps she should have gotten some eyelash extensions along with Holly…

To prep for Holly’s b-day celebration, which lead to Stephanie Pratt’s DUI arrest, Holly and Stacie The Bartender headed to The Parlour On 3rd in L.A. to get glam.


Calma Yom applied Holly’s eyelash extensions by securing the bottom lashes with tape so they wouldn’t interfere with the extension application. (Read more about Holly Montag’s eyelash extensions and Stacie The Bartender’s extension haircut after the jump.)


Calma then primed Holly’s already clean lashes with Xtreme Lashes Primer. The Primer ensures maximum bonding and long-lasting adhesion of the lash extensions. Calma then applied 80+ individual Xtreme C-Curl Lash Extensions varying in sizes from 13mm-9mm on each eye. Calma picked out the lash sizes and designed the placement of the lashes on her eyes to give her a natural but dramatic look. Each extension was then applied one-by-one to Holly’s natural lashes. The procedure took about 90 minutes and will last for about two months. The extensions can be worn indefinitely with recommended touch-ups every two-four weeks.


To create Stacie The Bartender’s hairstyle, Josh Rosebrook first gave her a trim, added layers, and lightly reshaped her hair. Having longer layers with several extension tracks, the hair must be precisely cut to avoid “jumps” in the layers that can occur when the the cut is not blended well, Josh explained.


Josh used a slide cutting technique to achieve the concave layers. Stacie The Bartender wears her hair parted in the middle with no bangs. To bring out her cheekbones and frame her face, layers and texture were added around her face. Starting in the center of her forehead, the hair on each side of  her face was angled and cut diagonally then faded directly into the adjoining hair to create a blended, balanced, stunning  cut that avoids the common “blocky” look that can happen when the layers around the face are not shaped and angled correctly.

Check out the finished product on both the lovely ladies:


And if you made it to the end of this post, I swear you get a special HOTB gold medal. Also, you are apparently as crazy as me.  😉