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New Moon Hair Secrets


“They were a great group to work with,” New Moon hairstylist Thom McIntyre tells InStyle magazine. “And they all had pretty good hair, but I have to say, Robert’s was probably the best. I trimmed his hair probably every week to ten days,” McIntyre says. “Just to keep the cut really fresh. When we were shooting, I restyled it once or twice a day—the look is meant to be very tousled, and I wanted to be sure it didn’t lay flat.”


For Bella [Kristen Stewart] McIntyre maintained Kristen’s rich brown hair color with Kerastase Bain Miroir Shampoo and Conditioner for Color-Treated Hair. “She goes through different stages in the movie—a breakup, her depression, and then new motivation in her life,” says McIntyre. “I used Kerastase Nutri-Sculpt Mousse when she was more carefree because it worked with the natural waves in her hair and gave it movement.”


“In Twilight, Nikki Reed [who plays Rosalie Cullen] bleached out the front of her own hair, which caused some major damage, so for New Moon she wore a long, beautiful wig,” says McIntyre. While Reed choose to fake it for the sake of keeping her hair healthy, “Elizabeth Reaser [who plays Esme Cullen] had her real hair dyed to match the wig she wore in the first Twilight installment,” McIntyre reveals.

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