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Murder My Heart


I have a serious crush on Jennifer Carpenter. She’s so tall, with those perfect almond eyes… and that badge.


She’s always dressed so tomboy on Dexter, so it’s a special thrill to see her all dolled up at Hollywood events, like the 2009 Scream Awards. I could really live without the Wilma Flintstone necklace, but I barely care because this is true love, you guys, and minor things like bad accessories are meaningless now.

My friend Dave (hi, Dave!) ran into Michael C. Hall at a bookstore in L.A. once, and since Jennifer and Michael and married IRL, there’s a possibility that I could run into her someday. Like, at Gelson’s, checking out the avocados or something.

But Jennifer’s character Debra Morgan is very much who she is in my mind, you know? It would be hard for me to not blurt out: Debra, your brother is a serial killer! Wait, no! Your HUSBAND!

But she’s kinda been down that road before.

Oh, Debra, you’re so complicated.