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London Calling

UK Elle October 2009

Lily Allen was on the cover of ELLE UK‘s October issue in a blonde wig. She gave a pretty interesting interview too. Despite being famous for years now, Lily told the magazine that she still isn’t use to fame. “I get quite shy and embarrassed, actually,” she said. “Yes, I think I am [shy], actually. I get embarrassed when people come up and ask for autographs.

“I think people expect you to have a certain sense of decorum, but I almost find it like being a nursery teacher, having to be nice to people all the time. I haven’t got a problem with that, but I think people expect you to know how to deal with shit.”


Lily also says that while she is supportive of other female singer, she does get jealous when she hears them on the radio. “I get pangs of jealousy when I hear people like radio presenters getting really excited about new music,” Lily said. “I kind of feel like, ‘Oh, I’m just fading.'”
In the ELLE UK interview, Lily confirmed that she’s dating Sam Cooper, who is a painter and decorator, but did not discuss the relationship, only revealing that it was going well.

More of Lily Allen’s interview with ELLE UK and a photo of Lily and Sam Cooper, after the jump.


Aw, looks that way! Sam aside, Lily told the magazine that men in general are intimidated by her. “I wish I’d never written Not Fair [her track from It’s Not Me about men who are bad at sex]. You know, the thought honestly – really, honestly – never even occurred to me that it would scare men. I thought it might empower women. I thought women would go: ‘Oh God, yes, at last somebody is saying it.’ I didn’t think it would put me in a position where guys would be like, “Whoa, no, I’m not sleeping with you in case you write something about it!'”

Um, are there really men out there who won’t sleep with Lily Allen? Somehow I doubt this.


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