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Jessica Tones it Down


It looks like Jessica Alba toned her newly dyed red hair from that orangy color to a slightly darker red shade. It still looks unnatural with her (gorgeous) skin tone, but the darker tone is definitely an improvement. Jessica obviously looks a million times better with her natural hair color than with blonde or red hair. I wonder why she dyed it? And girl, you know that red is going to fade fast, as reds notoriously do.

Jessica Alba and Honor Marie Warren Sept. 30

Here we go: Made it’s for a movie role? Jessica’s blonde hair was for her role in the upcoming movie Valentine’s Day, which also stars Ashton Kutcher (I’m sure that film will be amazing.) But I wonder if the red is for a flick too? Doesn’t Jessica know you can just wear a wig and save yourself the trouble of changing your hair color every few months? I mean, you don’t even have to gain weight for a role anymore. Rene Zellweger will be wearing a fat suit in the next Bridget Jones film. Don’t make things so difficult on yourself.

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