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Girls Scream Out For Edward


It’s been a while since I posted a photo of Robert Pattinson, but this one was just too good to pass up.

Plus, there’s a story going around today about how Robert can’t get a date. (Aw.) According to him, it’s really tragic. “Girls scream out for Edward, not Robert,” the Twilight star told the Sydney Morning Herald. “I still can’t get a date.” (Um, sure, Robert.) Also, no het-action on the set either. The closest he’s come is a scene in Little Ashes, where he plays Salvador Dali. “I had to do all these hardcore gay sex scenes, when I haven’t even had a sex scene with a girl in a film yet,” he told the paper.

While dateless and actionless, the 23-year-old actor is frequently mobbed by screaming fans. “Like yesterday, I was having lunch down the road. We were in this place for a couple of hours and suddenly there was like 400 people outside on the street. It was just so nuts and it’s like that all the time now.”

Robert believes some of the hysteria will die down after New Moon comes out. “I’m not the lead in the second film. Taylor [Lautner] is,” he says. “I appear in Bella’s dreams. So I’m in it, but the focus is not on me.” Instead, he only has “significant moments” at the beginning of the movie and at the end, he says. “So I’m more of a supporting role in this one, which is why I felt so free,” he says. “I didn’t have to deal with any of the bullshit of the first one. I don’t have to hold the movie or worry about the fans. I think I did it better without all those pressures.”

All togther now: Poor, Robert!

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