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Carey Mulligan Oct. 7

This is Carey Mulligan and her super cute short haircut. I honestly have no idea who she is, but she’s in the new movie An Education, which is already getting Oscar buzz and she’s getting rave reviews for her role Also, Carey is supposedly she’s dating Shia LeBeouf. Hmm…

Carey Mulligan Oct. 7

Edited to add some gossip about Carey Mulligan and Shia LeBeouf from actressarchives.com: The fledgling couple reportedly got into a heated argument at a party for the premiere of Carey’s film. What’s the matter Shia…not used to not being the one in the spotlight for a change?

Carey and Shia reportedly hung out separately throughout the night, with Shia drinking his own whiskey steadily throughout the evening. And we all ready know that drinking can cause Shia to act like a real idiot…(remember the arrest over demanding to buy pimple cream while intoxicated?)

Shia reportedly cornered Carey outside, not realizing that he was still in view of the paparazzi. According to New York Magazine he gesticulated wildly and then took off, leaving Carey dateless. We give Carey props for what happened next, which did not involve her running down the street trying to desperately calm her irate (probably drunk) boyfriend. Instead, Carey reportedly took a moment to steady herself before heading back to the party to enjoy the rest of her evening.


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