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Engaged To Not Be Married


Kelly Osbourne was out in Hollywood last night celebrating her 25th birthday with fiance (?) Luke Worrall and some of her Dancing With the Stars friends.

She’s still rocking that platinum pageboy, which actually looks way better on her model/fiance. The cut is too square on her squarish face. Her stylist should remove some of the weight from the sides or cut it into a pixie. That would look better, in my opinion. Maybe she’s trying to grow it out, which is definitely a difficult process, but normally celebs just throw extensions in there and we never see them in the in-between stage.

Anyway. She looks cute regardless and her fiance looks like a hot vampire, which, of course, is big right now.


I didn’t even know Kelly was engaged until today. Apparently Kelly’s dad Ozzy is wants Kelly and Luke to wait on the whole marriage thing. He told press, “I said, ‘You can propose, but don’t even think about getting married, don’t even go there.’ Kelly’s not a baby, I can’t tell her what to do, but I’ve said if they want to give it a try, live together first. I think it’s better they’re with each other because they want to be – not because they have to. And everyone seems to get divorced these days.”

So, why did he tell them to even get engaged then? What does he think getting engaged means? Eh, whatever. Actually, I can see his point because Luke Worrall looks like he’s 16.

(Whoa. I looked it up and I wasn’t too far off! He’s 19.)


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