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Bambako Headbands


Occasionally, I loose my mind over accessories. When I stumbled upon Bambako‘s amazing headbands, I flipped a little. These little gems are truly something special. Unable to find a suitable accessory that complemented her style one night, Bambako owner Abigail Ricarte took a detour to a craft store to make her own headband. She ended up making a dozen one-of-a-kind headbands that night, and hasn’t stopped since. Abigail was kind enough to answer some of my questions about her hair accessory line. Check it out!

Hair On The Brain: I love the names of the headbands, like “Breakbeat,” “Champagne Friend” and “Boy Is Mine.” How do you come up with them?

Abigail Ricarte: These are named after song titles and lyrics. Anytime I have trouble naming a headband, I always turn to my playlist. I also keep a notebook of potential names of favorite song titles or catchy phrases I come across.

HOTB: Where do you find inspiration for the pieces themselves?

Abigail: I’m inspired by the color combinations of every day life. I’m really drawn to beautiful interiors and the way color has an emotional impact. As far as putting the pieces together, I play around with it. I steer away from looking at other headband designers or fashion magazines. I go into making a headband as I go into designing an art piece, I suppose. I think of colors, beautiful and interesting textures, as well as what is pleasing to me.

More of my interview with Abigail after the jump.

HOTB: I read that you use to be a music blogger. Does music inspire your work?

Abigail: Absolutely. The names of the headbands, of course, are influenced by music; however, the mood I’m in when designing certain pieces is influenced by whatever I’m listening to at that moment. My music taste is as eclectic as my aesthetic, but for this collection, I was particularly influenced by jazz as you can interpret by the headband names. For instance, listening to a Louis Armstrong song inspired “La Vie en Rose.”

HOTB: What’s next for Bambako? Do you have any plans on branching out into other hair accessories?

Abigail: I will always do headbands. I am looking forward to introducing different hair accessories in the spring. I’m interested in jewelry and men’s accessories as well. We shall see. Stay tuned. ūüėČ


Rue: 100% for the Cure ($28.00) This limited edition headband is named after a phenomenal woman who has survived breast cancer. 100% of the proceeds of this item will benefit Susan G. Komen for the Cure.

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