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Taylor Vs. Brad


If you watch The Rachel Zoe Project on Bravo, you’re probably in one of two camps: Taylor or Brad.

In the first season of The Rachel Zoe Project, Taylor and Brad were bitter enemies. Well, Brad was desperately trying to be Taylors friend, and Taylor was perpetually annoyed by Brad, Rachel Zoe, gay husband Rodger Berman, those annoying ads, and pretty much everything else.

But now on the show’s second season, Brad Goreski and Taylor Jacobson have resolved their differences. They seem to have a genuine friendship, which is cute to watch, and they fights more like brother and sister. Taylor is clearly the angsty teenage sibling and Brad the consistently sunny younger brother.


I relate to Taylor. I have sort of a perpetually angsyt teenage side too. I like to work quietly and efficiently, and if I had to work with Brad and Rachel, I’d probably want to shove paperclips under my nails. All that giggling on the couch and trying on wigs. Ah! Focus people! That stuff drives me insane when I am trying to get something done. Also, I’d be a total “Baylor” when it came to those Hollywood parties, too.


Ok, now onto her hair: Taylor’s platinum blonde, consistently disheveled, layered long bob might be considered an acquired taste. The color is intense; it’s almost white. But, it’s so rock, and it works really well with her style. It fits her personality perfectly. Love! (Also, have you noticed that gold watch that Taylor wears? I love it. I did I little investigating, and it’s a vintage Rolex Day-Date–probably a 1974 President Day-Date in 18k Yellow Gold. I’d like one for my birthday. TIA!)


Aw, what’s that, Tay Tay? A Smile? Cute. You’re golden. <3.


Ok, Brad. You’re super cute too. Have you ever noticed that when Brad takes off his glasses off he goes from dorky cute to really hot? It’s weird.

So, what camp are you in? Taylor or Brad?

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