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She's Got The Power


Béyoncé killed it at the MTV Video Music Awards, as did Jay-Z. But did you spy Solange on the side stage? I love her and her bald head.

According to New York Magazine, Solange breaks out the electric razor every few years, whenever she feels like her hair has become beyond her control.

“I did it once when I was 16 and again when I was 18,” she said. “I just need to kind of start over and liberate myself and feel empowered. I feel like so many women put so much of their power in their hair, and I was succumbing to that — like, spending so much time and money and energy on my hair.”

My BF recently mentioned that he’d seen some YouTube clip of Solange with Béyoncé and Jay-Z at a Grizzly Bear show in Williamsburg. Solange says all her friends live in Williamsburg and she’s buddies with the band, so she took “my sister and my bro” to see them, thinking they’d go un-noticed. (Really?)

Solange is starting an apartment search in the area next week, hoping to find a place in either Park Slope or Brooklyn Heights. And since she has a 5-year-old son, she wants someplace with a yard.

Aw. Why is everyone cool moving to New York lately?

P.S. Here’s the video. You can see the top of Jay-Z’s head and a lot of Béyoncé’s hair. Jay seems really into it!

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