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My bff and roommate in college used Alterna hair products. Occasionally, I would sneak a little bit when I wanted my hair to be particularly awesome. Alterna always smelled so good and left my hair softer and smoother than my cheapo brand. (She was always a smart girl and always had rad hair, too.)

And now the creators of the classic Alterna line are leading the future of haircare with LiQWD. Backed by up-to-the-minute science, the LiQWD haircare line delivers richer, healthier, more animated hair.

LiQWD Volumizing Shampoo: This shampoo targets flat and lifeless hair. My hair could use a little boost sometime, not going to lie, so I was excited to try it out. According to LiQWD, the shampoo, “employs an exclusive, Nano-Hydrasphere technology to infuse hair’s cortex layer with proprietary volumizing compounds.” (Wow.) The result is suppose to be alert, energized, treatment-ready hair. I don’t know if my hair was any more “alert” after using this, but it did smell amazing. The shampoo itself is very creamy, and I was expecting it to be moisturizing, but my hair seemed a little dry after I shampooed. Perhaps I should have gotten the moisturizing version? My hair always falls somewhere in between because I need moisture and volume. Price: $32 for 350 ml, $64 for 1000 ml

LiQWD Volumizing Conditioner: I followed up with the Volumizing Conditioner and it seemed to zap the moisture back into my hair. This conditioner is suppose to be an everyday moisture treatment for hair that’s flat, lifeless or “simply unexcited.” Hmm. My hair is a little woebegone lately, come to think of it! My hair felt pretty good after using this conditioner–soft, smooth, detangled, and it smelled great too. Price: $34 for 350 ml, $66 for 1000 ml

LiQWD Professional Volumizing Catalyst: For styling, I tried the Professional Volumizing Catalyst. It’s a spray that is suppose to create volume, texture and dimension by infusing your hair with weightless moisture that swells, lifts and separates each strand. To use, I towel-dried my hair until it was damp and then sprayed about 20 pumps of the product from roots to ends. I combed it through and then let my hair air dry. The Catalyst left my wavy locks with a little more oomph and volume than usual. And again, it smells really good. Price: $36 for 150 ml

You can purchase LiQWD products here.

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