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In-Depth Guide to Brazilian Blowouts


It seems like everyone has been talking about Brazilian Blowouts lately. (Nicole Richie even blogged about how happy she was to have discovered Brazilian Blowouts to manage her curly hair!) So after the millionth time someone mentioned their fantastic BB experience to me, or asked what I thought about the process, I realized that I had to educate myself on Brazilian Blowouts or hang up my hair blogger status.

I went right to the source, Jordana Lorraine at Lorraine Colour Bar in Santa Monica. Jordana studied at Vidal Sassoon and has been a licensed stylist since 1995. She’s an expert in Brazilian Blowouts, Global Keratin and Coppola Keratin Complex smoothing systems. And she was kind enough to answer all my Brazilian Blowout questions. (Scroll all the way to the bottom for some awesome before and afters, too!)

Hair On The Brain: For those that don’t know, what exactly is a Brazilian Blowout, and what makes it different than other straightening treatments?

Jordana Lorraine: As seen on Nicole Richie, Halle Berry, Lindsay Lohan and Ashley Tisdale (and probably many more celebs who haven’t yet admitted it), Brazilian Blowout™ is the most popular keratin treatment on the market. The newest formula is in a light cream base with a gentle açaí scent. It is the most semi-permanent of any I have tried, going slowly but surely back to the natural texture. There is no line of “roots” as this happens, because the treatment fades off the hair at about the same pace as your hair grows in. For clients with first-time nerves, or who might want to go back to wearing their hair curly, I almost always recommend Brazilian Blowout™. It is also the ONLY one that allows the convenience of washing your hair that night, the next day, whenever you want to. No rules about ponytails, clips, etc! All other keratin treatments require a 24-96 hour waiting period while the keratin settles in, during which time you must be very careful to adhere to strict precautions to ensure success of the treatment.

HOTB: Anything to watch out for when booking an appointment?

JL: Brazilian Blowout™ is a brand name, but is often misused to refer to a whole category of hair relaxing treatments. That’s not to say they aren’t good, but I personally like to be an informed consumer, so I always make sure the client knows what is being used and why I think it is best for her. Ask to see the bottle or printed materials if you aren’t sure what you’re getting; and/or ask when you can shampoo your hair following the service. And another thing to be aware of is that the treatment is not recommend for expectant or nursing Moms.

HOTB: Who is the best candidate for a Brazilian Blowout? Can you receive the treatment if you have chemically treated hair?

JL: Brazilian Blowout™ is safe for colored, highlighted, and even bleached hair. In fact, the porosity created by prior chemical services makes the keratin treatment last longer! You’ll want to have your color done fresh before a keratin treatment, as you will not be able to color it for two weeks afterward. Redheads and brunettes may consider asking their colorist for just a half-shade deeper tone, as they may loose a small amount of deposit with the keratin treatment.

HOTB: What are the results of a Brazilian Blowout on different hair types and textures?

JL: Super-curly hair such as Sarah’s (pictured below) will relax to a much softer texture and looser curl. Blowing her long, thick hair straight used to take 90 minutes, but now takes only 20 and has incredible shine!

Curly hair like my own (also pictured below) will relax to a flat wave if air-dried, or become VERY quick and easy to blow silky-smooth.

Wavy/frizzy hair that is just “puffy” like Michelle’s (pictured below) will be straight but with a natural look to it, even without any styling.

HOTB: How long does a Brazilian Blowout last?

JL: It can last anywhere from 6-12 weeks, and depends on your hair’s condition, texture, and curl pattern, the type of treatment you have done, and your aftercare regimen. If you have it done again before it has faded completely, it will build up and begin to last longer.

HOTB:  Does it make your hair flat?

JL: No, it leaves beautiful body in the hair! It does reduce bulk, so it will be smaller, but not flat, limp or stiff as seen with some other treatments.

HOTB: How should you treat your hair after receiving a Brazilian Blowout? Any dos or don’ts?

JL: The Brazilian Blowout™ acai aftercare regimen if highly recommended. The shampoo is free of sulfates and sodium chloride, which can strip the treatment off faster, and all of the products contain the same hydrolyzed keratin and botanical extracts that were in your treatment, so each time you use them you will be not just protecting, but refreshing and enhancing your results! You’ll also want to saturate hair with tap water before swimming in ocean or pool water, and shampoo and condition as soon as possible afterward.

HOTB: What products should you use on your hair after a Brazilian Blowout?

JL: Aside from the Brazilian Blowout™ acai aftercare, you can use any styling products you like. I would caution against ‘sea spray’ type styling products; make sure you read the label to see if it contains sodium chloride before using.

HOTB: How often will you have to touch up your Brazilian Blowout?

JL: One of the best things about Brazilian Blowout™ is that instead of getting “roots” from it, the effects fade away at about the same ace as your hair grows in, so you slowly but surely return to your natural texture. Anyone who has ever had to grow out a perm or straightener can see what a big advantage that is! I personally have mine re-done about every 3 months, and I enjoy a few wavier weeks toward the end of the cycle.

HOTB: Is it damaging to your hair to receive multiple Brazilian Blowout treatments?

JL: The Brazilian Blowout™ treatment is non-damaging if applied and processed correctly. It actually IMPROVES the condition of the hair because it adds protein and flexibility, which helps prevent split ends from breaking off and new ones from popping up. The treatment can be done again and again without damage. For super-curly hair, it can be done once and then repeated 3 weeks later for a more dramatic result, then maintained every 6-8 weeks. The only drawback is that it’s addictive!

HOTB: About how much does it cost?

JL: The price for an average head of hair, by an experienced and hands-on certified stylist, will be about $350 in most cities. In other areas where demand (and salon operating costs) may be lower, the service rice may be lower as well. Why so much? It’s not just because it’s new and in high demand: the stylist has taken time and spent money to take the class, and the product itself costs approximately 5x what color does.

Jordana Lorraine


This is Jordana’s gorgeous Brazilian Blownout hair.


Michelle felt her hair was too wavy/frizzy and “puffy” before.


But after her Brazilian Blowout, Michelle’s hair is straight and smooth with a full, natural look–even without styling.


Sarah’s natural hair texture is super curly.


Wow! This is Sarah’s hair after her Brazilian Blowout and with blow drying for 20 minutes–she use to have to blow dry for 90 minutes!


After her Brazilian Blowout, Sarah’s air-dried hair has a much softer texture and looser curl.


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