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How To: Holly Hunter's Waves

Holly Hunter

Holly Hunter has some good hair. Her Emmy look was pretty casual waves. It was effortlessly hair that would be perfect for a big event or just a casual date.

Star stylist Enzo Angileri created Holly’s shiny waves. He was inspired by the metallic sheen of her gown. “I wanted her to look glamorous and goddess-like,” said Angileri, “and the hair had to look luminous. Holly’s hair and color is beautiful,” he said, “and I wanted to bring out its deep gold and honey tones for the cameras. Shine was everything in this look since these amazing highlights wouldn’t be at all visible in hair that was not shiny enough to reflect the light–especially on camera and in photos.”

Find out how to re-create Holly’s red carpet hair after the jump.

How to:

  • Angileri first smoothed and defined the texture of Holly’s hair with argan oil-infused Moroccanoil Intense Curl Cream applied before blow drying. “This gave me a great start because the hair immediately looked moisturized and healthy, and had the hold to be styled,” said Angileri.
  • Next he dried Holly’s hair with a blow dryer and without a brush. “The shine and texture I achieved with this product alone was incredible.”
  • Angileri then used a small 3/4-inch curling iron all over her head to create relaxed, natural looking waves.
  • Afterward, he asked Holly to shake her hair upside down, then sprayed Moroccanoil Glimmer Shine Spray throughout the strands. “I didn’t use hairspray because I wanted the look to be as soft as possible and to be free to fall sensuously forward on her face.”

I have to say, Holly could have use a bit of hairspray in my opinion. You can see that her hair is fuzzing up and the curls are slightly falling in this pic. But overall, the waves are pretty and Holly does have really nice hair. Also, the highlights look fab. But I think Holly probably has that kind of hair type (like mine) that drops curl, so you need something to really hold it. That said, Moroccanoil products are amazing. Seriously, they are so good for your hair. But if I am trying to add curl (and if I was going to be on the red carpet!) I would need some serious hairspray action.

Products used for Holly’s look are available at moroccanoil.com.

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