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Blake's Braid


Now that I have gotten a closer look at Blake Lively’s braid from the Emmy Awards, it was totally done rough and messy. From far away, I couldn’t tell if it was textured or just sloppy. It was bugging me because I figured it had to be done intentionally. I mean, come on. It’s Blake! It’s the Emmys! When I saw this picture, I guess I felt better? I’m not sure I love it though. On one hand it makes it cooler than just a sleek, perfect braid. That would have come off very juvenile. But I feel like they could have executed the textured braid better.

I watched Gossip Girl last night. It was meh. I think the only thing that could keep it interesting is to have Serena go completely off the rails. I only watch an episode here and there, but that might keep me tuning in. That show is too safe.

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