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Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston is one of those celebrities that always looks amazing. I’ve speculated that plastic surgery might help her along, but who can blame the girl? The media gives her a really hard time, but she never lets them see her sweat.

Why is it such a bad thing to be a single woman in the media…? They love to paint her as miserable and unlucky in love, but the girl looks like she’s doing pretty good to me. Plus, can you image a single man getting that kind of media edit? Would George Clooney ever be depicted as “unlucky in love” after another one of his breakups? No. Because he’s this devil-may-care, swinging bachelor. But single women like Jennifer and Jessica Simpson are labeled as desperate, crazy, stalkers. As if, because they’re single there’s something wrong with them. It’s an effed up double standard that can only change if we change it.

In light of this, and other things (Bradcoughgelina) I think Jennifer Aniston must be a pretty tough person. And whenever Jen’s out and about, she always looks amazingly put together. She has a very classic look, and she seems to know what styles suits her best. And, of course, her hair is to die for.

Jennifer Aniston

Jen and I are ttl friends in my head (TM Wendy Williams) and I’d love to know exactly what she does to get her hair so shiny and gorgeous looking.

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