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Victoria Beckham in Denver, Colo. on Friday before filming her guest appearance on American Idol. (Already with the American Idol? Didn’t that just end like two seconds ago?)

I’m not sure how I feel about Victoria’s hair. I’m not crazy about how it’s slicked back–I wish it was styled into a chic bob instead. I really like her hair color though, and I think her makeup is pretty too.

[Edited to add: Lauren from Lauren Does Hair pointed out in the comments section that Vicky’s hair is just slicked back because, “she’s still growing it out, and this is how she is dealing with the long mullet-esque hair in the back, and too-short-to-be-a-bob length in the front.” I thought that was a really good point. And with that in mind, I’m upgrading my review on VB’s look to pretty damn cute.]

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