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Perfect Tan With St. Tropez

I grew up in the pre-sunscreen era. I think we kinda knew sunscreen was a good idea, but it just wasn’t seen as that big of a deal. As a kid, I got sunburns go bad they blistered, and in high school I laid out with baby oil instead of SPF  50.

With everything we now know about skin cancer and skin damage from the sun, these facts make me cringe. I don’t layout anymore, and I always use sunscreen, but I must admit, I do love having a nice summer glow. But that’s where self tanners come in!

Recently I’ve been using St. Tropez Everyday Perfect Legs and Everyday Gradual Tan Mousse.


Everyday Perfect Legs is a tanning duo that combines a gradual self tanner and a finish of instant bronze specially for legs. The duo is infused with soothing aloe and extracts that give you a gorgeous natural-looking tan that lasts. It also has innovative Aromaguard, a fragrance technology that eliminates the tell-tale self tan aroma by a minimum of 70% and instead gives a subtle, yet refreshing fragrance.

Before using Everyday Perfect Legs, I’m careful to exfoliate well in the shower. I then dry off and wait about ten minutes so my skin is cool, and use the gradual tan lotion (the white pump), sweeping it on from my toes up in even strokes.

If you want immediate color, while your tan develops, you can apply the instant tan (using the black pump). But this is dark, so apply it sparingly, and be sure to rub it in thoroughly, or it will look streaky. But if you apply it properly, the bronzer will give you an immediate, even tan. Both products produce a dark, deep color. The instant tan can rub off, though, so be careful when wearing light colors.  $45  5 fl oz.

mousse_120mlEveryday Gradual Tan Mousse is a super light-weight mousse that gives all skin tones a gorgeous touch of self tan. Infused with conditioning aloe vera, it gives you a natural looking, golden color every day. Like Everyday Perfect Legs, it has Aromaguard, which eliminates the self tan aroma by a minimum of 70%.

Tanning mousse is almost a misnomer for this product–it’s really more like a foam, which is my favorite type of self tanner, since I find it the easiest to apply. Gradual Tan Mousse gives me a dark, natural, tan color, and it dries quickly. I wash my hands immediately after applying it, and do not have a problem with stained hands (a tell-tale sign of self tanner!) But if you do run into this issue, try using latex gloves or scrubbing your hands with baking soda. It works!

If you want a darker tan, you can build the color by reapplying the product a few days in a row. And best of all, it does not turn you orange!  $30 4 fl oz.

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