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Interview With Celeb Stylist Anthony Barrow


How psyched am I that I got to interview famed Avon Fashion Week hair stylist Anthony Barrow? By now you all know that I’m unabashedly reality TV obsessed, and with all Anthony’s accolades–he’s a five-time British Hairdresser Awards finalist, a regular at New York Fashion Week and London Ready-to-Wear shows, his work has been featured in top fashion and trade magazines–I was most excited by the fact that he was on Bravo’s Make Me a Super Model! I flove that show, especially the model makeovers. Shave their damn heads, dye that pretty platinum hair brown, Make the models cry, and claim you’re giving them “edge”. That’s good TV.

Aside from appearing on awesome reality television shows, Anthony also creates the latest looks for many high-profile and celebrity clients. Check out our interview, where we discuss hair trends for fall, whether or not to experiment with your hair, and, yes, Make Me A Supermodel!

Hair On The Brain: What do you think will be the big trends in hair for this fall in terms of both cut and color?

Anthony Barrow: Classic shapes with modern textures and accent colors will be popular this fall.

HOTB: I am a huge fan of Make Me A Supermodel, so I have to ask you about the show! Did you enjoy transforming the models’ hair?

Barrow: Yes! The key is making the changes that matter and that give the models a chance… There’s a thrill in that!

HOTB: In general do you believe hair is something that should be experimented with or should we stick with what works?

Barrow: Experiment always, but within the parameters of what works. If you want to go further, go for it! Just make sure your beauty is not compromised.

HOTB: Since money is more of an issue than ever these days, what do you recommend to cut down on costs of hair maintenance?

Barrow: Haircuts that grow out well! Also, try hidden highlights that are closer to your natural color. Remember – Bronde (not quite blonde, but lighter than brunette) is the new blonde!

HOTB: What products and tools do you recommend to maintain those styles?

Barrow: I recommend products that are lightweight, protective and enhance shine. Hair needs to take cover from the tools that are needed to create these looks.

HOTB: What do you recommend for increasing the health of your hair after the summer’s wear and tear of sun, surf and chlorine?

Barrow: Avon Advance Techniques Moisture Sleek Collection is a great way to restore the lost moisture from the summer.


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