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Dead Man's Bones


Ryan Gosling shaved off his hair without talking to me about it first. We’ll be square, as long as he takes me for long motorcycle rides in the Hollywood Hills.

Did you know he’s recording a debut album, which will be out Oct. 6? (Of course he is.)

Ryan’s band, Dead Man’s Bones, is a collaboration between Ryan and Zach Shields. The album was recorded with the Silverlake Conservatory Children’s Choir. He describes the motivation behind the album to Pitchfork: “You know when you’re a kid and you get crayons and papers and just draw whatever you want and it’s just a bunch of messy lines, but to you it makes sense, and then they put it on the fridge? From that point on, you’re always trying to get back on the fridge, you start drawing things that look like something, like, the more it looks like a horse, the more chance you have of getting it on the fridge. We wanted to get back to that place before we were trying to make the fridge. We wanted to work with people who hadn’t been affected in that way yet.”

For the full story of the Dead Man’s Bones album, check out the complete interview.


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