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Candle Delirium


Candle Delirium is Los Angeles’ hottest candle boutique and top destination for luxury scented candles. It has everything a candle lover could possibly need–the store carries over 35 lines of the world’s finest candles and candle accessories, including Mariage Freres, Dayna Decker, Tocca, Delirium & Company, Herve Gambs, and many more.

I recently tried out Delirium & Co. Royal Amber candle. It’s an intense mixture of pine needles, black pepper, eucalyptus, sandalwood, musk and myrrh. I’m a big fan of scents that aren’t weak or coying, so this candle was for me.

The fragrance is fantastic–a warm amber scent that’s not too overpowering, but still fills my large living room nicely. It will burn for 55+ hours and is encased in a translucent, reflective midnight blue glass.

Also, the candle is a soy blend wax, so it burns cleanly and emits less soot. Soy candles last longer than other candles, are naturally more fragrant, earth friendly, made in America, and are a renewable resource. It’s good to buy soy candles whenever possible, and Candle Delirium has a huge selection.

When you’re in LA, you have to check out Candle Delirium’s 1,700 sq ft flagship store located at 7980 Santa Monica Boulevard in West Hollywood. If you live elsewhere, shop online!

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