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Bilson The Beard


Just a cute candid pic of Rachel Bilson out and about in Hollywood from last week. As always, I love her style and her hair looks casual but adorable.

The reason I’m posting this, however, is that I was surprised to see the big, fat rock on her engagement finger. How did I miss the news that Rachel got engaged?

I googled it and apparently she’s been engaged to Hayden Christensen since December 2008. Wtf? I had no idea. Or maybe I knew, but forgot because it’s been so long. Are they really dating? How come they’re never together?

Ok. Googled further. They’re totally a fake Hollywood couple.

Exhibit A:


Um. Awkward.

Exhibit B:


Whoa. The chemistry is palpable.

Exhibit C:


Don’t get too close, kids! You wouldn’t want people to think you were, you know, in love or anything.

All I can say is, I hope Rachel is getting paid well.

[Edited to add: Reader Tori has pointed out that Hayden is also a Canadian Scientologist. So, maybe it’s alien assisted mind control ala Katie Holmes? All the more reason to run, Rachel!]

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