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Pierre Michel Salon Predicts Fall Styles

With changing seasons come changing styles, and the experts at the Pierre Michel salon are already anticipating the looks of autumn and preparing for the hot new trends.  Each stylist has their own unique vision on how to turn the sun-damaged hair of summer into the healthy, beautiful looks of the fall.

First of all, several Pierre Michel hairstylists predict that long locks will disappear right along with summer.  Renowned stylist Anthony Linzalone states, “I like a blunt cut just brushing the shoulder, with some light hint of wisps along the forehead and sides”.  Joyce echoes those thoughts: “For the fall, I see shoulder length hair with long layers and side bangs- more like a layered bob.  Drew Barrymore always has great haircuts, and so does Gwyneth Paltrow”.


Stylist Gerry Leddy, who has an impressive eight Vogue covers under his belt, simply adds, “it all comes down to the ability of dressing hair and educating the client to do the same in a manner that looks new and fresh without being contrived and fussy.” What does Gerry think will be the look of the fall?: “Believe it or not, electric rollers!”.

Once that long beach hair is “long gone”, Pierre Michel’s expert colorists such as Angela Cosmai can revamp old damaged hues.  Angela, who has worked with celebrities such as Meryl Streep and Bette Midler, believes that “the fall always brings hair that needs repair.  Blondes need to be toned down, reds refreshed, and brunettes deepened.  Autumn is about warm golden blondes, Rosewood reds, and warm brunettes”.


Color inspirations are everywhere, with clients often demanding similar hues as their favorite celebrities. While Angela mentions that actresses such as Blake Lively, Jennifer Aniston, Scarlett Johansson, and Anne Hathaway all have great looks, she notes that “clients in general just ask for my opinion on their color.  I have the reputation of an expert, and that’s why my clients come to me”. Color specialist Ludovic Audesson, meanwhile, cites a few particular celebrities as color inspirations: “People want a rich brunette like Catherine Zeta Jones, a deep red like Marcia Cross, and a soft blonde like Giselle Bundchen”.  Fortunately, the Pierre Michel stylists are so skilled that these colors can be created on anybody.

A third treatment that promises to be a key part of fall trends is Pierre Michel’s Keratin Treatment.  Keratin is a protein applied to hair to create smooth locks that are protected from harsh environmental factors.  Anthony Lizalone also notes that “It is all about shine! Curly, straight, or wavy, everyone wants shine.  All of the stars are looking so finished, and our Keratin treatments are in high demand. It is all about neat hair!”.

The specialists at Pierre Michel are always one step ahead of the latest trends, allowing them to always be cutting edge and meet their clients’ demands.  Their visions of fall trends promise to result in beautiful looks that leave behind the dated summer styles.

Pierre Michel

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