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Parissa: Miracle Wax!


I typically get my eyebrows threaded at Gloss in Silver Lake. (Go there. The woman who does brows is awesome!)

Aside from brows, I have been waxing at home. Insane? Well, maybe in the past when at-home waxing meant cooking up a batch of hot wax in your microwave, pouring it all over yourself, while cutting up waxing strips. Sounds like something Body of Evidence-era Madonna would have been way into.

Now at-home waxing is easy and simple, thanks to Parissa Natural Hair Removal System.

Their products are gentle, natural, and leave your skin salon-smooth for weeks. Parissa makes a Hot Wax, Warm Wax, and Body Sugar for hair removal, but I tested out their Wax Strips. These Strips are the way to go, people! They are so easy to use–perfect for beginners. The Wax Strips are pre-coated with salon wax, so there is no spreading and no mess. The Strips come in different sizes: legs & body, mini eyebrow design, face, bikini, and assorted sized.

To use the Strips, you just warm them up in your hands, peel the strip, press on in the direction of hair growth, and quickly pull off in the opposite direction. Voila! No more hair.

Parissa also includes Azulene Oil After Care in their waxing kits. This finishing oil soothes and cleans skin after hair removal, reduces redness, and prevents ingrown hair. I always get really red after waxing, but Azulene helped my skin return to normal more quickly than usual.

I give this product a big A+! Love it.


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