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Obama Faux Bob


This week, much was made of Michelle Obama’s did-she-or-didn’t-she bob at a White House celebration of country music event.

LOVES it, Michelle. What’s better for hair blogs than to have debatable hair? Did she pin it under, did she cut, did she pin it and cut it? The Internet, newspapers and television was a buzz. God, I love her.

But the word is out. Michelle didn’t chop her locks. Her hairstylist Johnny Wright told that he gave her a “tuck-up” instead.

“There are two things I do,” Wright said, “The UP-TUCK, like you are tucking something in. Then I do a TUCK-UP. The UP-TUCK is when I position a small ponytail somewhere on the head, and then I tuck the rest of the hair up under that ponytail. Then a TUCK-UP is when I take the hair and gather it all in the back and I twist it and I pull up and tuck. And that is what she got last night! A TUCK-UP! Not a cut.”

Uh, ok. Gottcha.

Wright went on to say he has given “different celebrities” the same look “and it looks different every time depending on the length of the hair.” He notes, “It’s a really easy up do. And it looks really classy and appropriate for any occasion.”

As for Michelle, “I said to her that this would be a nice length for her whenever we decide to cut it, and she said yeah,” Wright says. “So now whenever we do cut it, I’ll probably go shorter now because everyone thinks that’s the cut!”

I expect to see more of this “faux bob” because Michelle Obama is such a trend setter, and this is an easy alternative to traditional updos. Plus, it gives you the chance to test drive shorter styles without actually committing.

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