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Omg, you guys. I am so sad about this.

Lindsay Lohan ditched her gorgeous red hair and went back to fakey-fake platinum blonde.

I hate it.

Supposedly it’s for a movie role? Uh, who knows. Maybe it’s for another TV movie, like her last one.

[Edited to add: Rumor has it that the movie role is for the film Machete, which is due out in 2010 and will be directed by Ethan Maniquis and Robert Rodriguez. Other rumored stars in the film are Robert De Niro, Jonah Hill, Michelle Rodriguez and Steven Seagal. Interesting cast, huh? Lindsay tweeted, “something was made official today!!!!!!!!!” and shortly after posted a link to Machete‘s IMDb page. Hmmm.]

Anyway, she gets her hair done at Byron & Tracey Salon, and I must say, they do a pretty amazing job with her hair and her extensions.

LL  tweeted: “i looked in the mirror last night and didn’t even notice myself with this platinum hair.. eeks” (I suppose she meant she didn’t recognize herself. Maybe finishing high school would have been a good idea, Linds.)


P.S. How adorable is perpetually crabby Samantha Ronson? I totally heart her.

P.P.S. This is weird, but Lindsay must really love those black leather open-toe shoes with the fringe that she is wearing in the above picture. In a million pictures from this summer, she is wearing those shoes… And, yes, I have achieved semi-stalker status if I notice which shoes Lindsay wears on the regular.  : /


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