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In The Middle


I always have hair on the brain, but right now I really do because I’m getting my hair cut and colored next weekend. While browsing around for inspiration last night, I came across this picture. So, so gorgeous, right? It was taken on Bondi beach in Australia by the always amazing Garance Dore. The colors are breathtaking.

I really love the woman’s center part. I wish I could work a center part with my hair. It’s so hippie chic and effortless, but my hair does not fall that way. I am a left-side part girl all the way.

In terms of color, my hair is kind of a mess. I have some grown out permanent color in red toward the ends. And my roots are growing out a lighter coppery shade. Thanks to the Southern California sun, I guess. I’m not sure how to go about coloring it, since I have that permanent on it already. Hmm… Thoughts? I’d like to stay vaguely reddish and not go darker. Maybe lighten it up a bit with highlights? Or an all over all shade. Not sure. I think I might just wait until I get in my stylist’s chair and see what she thinks. And I cannot wait to get a trim–it’s been, um. A while!

Anyway. Back to dreaming about center parts. Here is some more visual inspiration…




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