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From The ATL


Does anyone else watch Real Housewives of Atlanta? (Besides my mom. Hi, mom!)

I’m not sure if I will be watching… Boyfriend has already declared he will NOT be watching.

I watch The Wendy Williams Show while I run at the gym. (Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it; Wendy is kinda hilarious.) Anyway, she had Sheree Whitfield on from RHOA. Wendy totally made fun of her horrible hair from the Atlanta Season 2 premier party. (See above.) Sheree had the nerve to defend it, saying it was really unique and looked better from the side. Uh. Ok.

Wendy was like, well, um. It looks dry, like you need some product or something…

Hee! Dry. That was the least of her problems.


Oh, look who else was at the premiere party. Tiny and Toya from The Tiny and Toya Show on BET. They are chilling with Kandi, a new addition to the show this season. (Kandi must be tall. Or else Tiny is really tiny and same goes for Toya!) BTW, for those of you insane enough to watch that show, who knew T.I. was so possessive? Wtf, seriously.


Ok, last thing: I’m not saying Kim’s new wig looks great or anything, but it is a major improvement from last season.

Sigh. You know I’m totally going to end up watching this mess…


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