Eyebrows Out?


According BlackBook eyebrows are “out” for high fashion this fall:

“The first look down the runway at Ricardo Tisci’s revered FW09 haute couture collection presentation for Givenchy in Paris this week didn’t have them. Meanwhile, at Miu Miu, Miuccia Prada bleached model Mikaela “Mimmi” Söderström’s out for the brand’s FW09 ad campaign. And now, adding the ultimate no-brow fuel to the fire is Lady Gaga, who was recently photographed having shaved her pair off only to draw them back on Harlequin style. Not to mention, model Coco Rocha recently sported the non-existent eyebrow trend on the cover of Brazilian fashion rag Wish Report.”


The New York Times Fashion & Style wondered where all the brows have gone as well:

“‘No brows has been a beauty option since the beginning of time,’ said the makeup wizard Pat McGrath, who bears responsibility for putting the look on fall runways, notably at the Prada and Balenciaga shows. ‘Think of those looming images of Queen Elizabeth.’ She cited other images, of David Bowie and fashion photographs of Kristen McMenamy and Karen Elson…

“Could no eyebrows be a reflection of economic downturn? Can one be too poor to have them? Having no eyebrows is certainly a way to express oneself without buying a product.

“‘The economic troubles we are facing now open people up to be more daring and willing to don cutting-edge looks,’ Ms. McGrath offered.

“Sarah Brown, the beauty director of Vogue, took a similar stance: ‘People are saying, ‘How can I shake things up? I might not be buying a new bag every three months, but what can I do to feel fresh and current and in style?'”

So, what do you guys think? Is this a trend you’d be willing to try? I personally like my eyebrows and wish they were a little thicker… In the NYT article, Mindy Hall, a movie makeup artist, says: “What they’re doing in the fashion magazines is not literally taking them off. They’re just blocking them out with product and then probably digitally cleaning it up. We were hard core. We shaved them off!” So that’s something to think about. These models are certainly not shaving anything off, because they know trends change fast and soon enough thick brows will be back in.

Btw, I have a feeling my mom is reading this and laughing.  😉

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