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Is it just me, or does Cameron Diaz’s hair look slightly less two toned here? She still has a bit of the dual thing going on, with the darker roots, but it seems slightly less intense than it did at the Golden Globes and more overall blonde. Recently, I’ve kind of fallen for the look, so I’m sad about this. Cam! You were ahead of your time.

As for her cut, Cameron needs a trim. She has fine hair, like me, and when it’s long, you have to be careful about the ends. If you don’t get regular trims, it can look thin and scraggly.

Also, the girl standing next to her who needs a bra is Rachel McAdams.

I’m not loving Rachel’s hair either. It’s just sorta blah.

Rachel and Cameron were at Comic-Con on Friday to promote their respective movies ‚Äď the period piece Sherlock Holmes and the horror film The Box.

Switch those around and maybe we’d have something… Or not.

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