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Two Tone

I was flipping through the latest issue of In Style today, and they had one of those hairstyles through the years for Cameron Diaz. She’s been around a lot more since she’s releasing that super depressing looking kids-with-cancer movie.

Anyway, I was stuck on the 2009 version of Cameron’s hair. It’s pretty much two different colors, almost a mousey brown on top and a sunny blonde toward the ends. I get it–she’s got that whole surfer, hippie girl image going on, but she’s also a super rich movie star. And at some point, doesn’t this just look like a very grown out dye job? Obviously she goes to a very high end salon and pays and mint for this color. (I mean, her agency pays a mint.)

Actually, according to this, she goes to Byron & Stacey Salon in Beverly Hills.

I actually really like this look for some random girl in L.A. But I think it clashes when all dressed up for the Golden Globes, as she is in this picture.

Maybe she should take it to a totally different place and go with something like this?


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