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True Birds

True Birds is my new obsession. It’s an amazing Los Angeles hair accessories line started by twin sisters Heather and Heidi. They create the most beautiful, and reasonably priced, headbands, hippie bands, wedding pieces and feather hair clips–not to mention scarves, necklaces, bracelets and a line for kids called Baby Birds.

True Bird’s collection is available online and will be available at Nordstrom starting in August, 2009. You can also find it at Fred Segal at Preece + Toff in Fred Segal’s Santa Monica location.

One of the True Bird duo, Heather, was sweet enough to answer a few Hair On The Brain questions. She covered everything from favorite shopping spots in L.A. to how to cover up a bad hair day.

HOTB: What’s the latest trend in hair accessories for this summer?

Heather: The hip and happening trend right now is definitely NEON hair accessories, they brighten up every day–even if we are still struggling here in California with June gloom!

HOTB: What will be the hottest up-coming trend this fall?

Heather: Chains and studs, switch it up with colorful chains and studs, instead of just going for the same old metallics.

HOTB: What’s your favorite way to style hair for a fancy outing?

Heather: Wearing a fancy headband, of course! Hair accessories help give me instant glam in seconds. My signature “fancy outing” look is pulling beachy waves into a side pony. I then usually wear a headband that has an embellishment on the opposite side of my side pony to give balance and voila, glam hair in seconds. Give it a try!

HOTB: What’s your favorite hair accessory to cover up a bad hair day?

Heather: I love to mask a bad hair day with our True Birds Twilight headband:

It’s a stand-alone piece that I can dress up or down, and it has such fun elements that people look at my headband instead of my not-so-washed hair.

HOTB: Where is your favorite place to shop in L.A.?

Heather: Jane Doe John Doe, this so-perfect boutique next to the Beverly Center. It has mega rad clothes and great customer service.

HOTB: What’s your favorite place to shop online?

Heather: Heidi and I fancy, an inexpensive fix to the latest season’s trends.

HOTB: What are your favorite hair products?

Heather: Lately I’ve been loving Moroccan Oil Intense Curl Cream. All I have to do is put a dab of that magic oil in my hair, let it air dry, and I have beach waves for the rest of the day. I also love the name of the product. I am obsessed with going to Morocco (so much that I had a Moroccan themed wedding reception) so that may help my liking of the product as well.

Heidi and I are also avid users of Matrix Sleek Look for shampoo and conditioner. For hairspray, we gotta go with Sebastian hair spray. It’s the best we’ve found for holding that hair in place for our photo shoots. Last but not least, Heidi and I are both needy for Biosilk hair gloss, which helps us get our frizz tamed.

Thanks so much, Heather! 🙂

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