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The Truth Is Out There

Taylor Momsen is really rocker girl these days. I like that she’s cultivated her own unique look–both in real life and on Gossip Girl.

I watch GG pretty intermittently, but it seems like when I tune in, Taylor’s been sporting that semi-mullet and a lot of eyeliner on the show, too.

It’s cool that she is going through a fashion stage just like a normal girl would at her age. It seems refreshing, and a lot more real than those pretty, pretty princess Disney girls. I imagine they have mile long contracts stipulating exactly what they can and cannot do with their hair and makeup.

But then again, who knows. Perhaps this is all an act too. Maybe Taylor is contractually obligated to run around New York dressed in black leather with bleach blonde hair to cultivate a “look”.

Who knows anymore. Ever since I watched a very special Tyra undercover episode where people were willing to get lipo and boob jobs done on their four-year-olds, I haven’t been the same. There’s some crazy shit going on out there. Trust no one.

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