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The Jane Carter Solution

I like to use natural, environmental friendly products whenever possible. I also like my products to work, however, and after my extremely bad experience with Nature’s Gate Organics Volumizing Conditioner in Lemongrass & Clary Sage I was kind of tentative about putting anything “natural” on my hair again.

The first Jane Carter Solution product I tried was the Nourish & Shine (4 oz. / $22.00). At first I was a little put off by the scent. It’s really natural smelling, which I’m just not a fan of, but I got over it. Nourish & Shine can be used on your hair, skin or nails. I actually ended up using it almost every day on my cuticles, and it works great. I don’t use this product on my hair, however, because it’s too heavy for me, but I can see how it would benefit super dry ends.

Moisture Nourishing Shampoo (8 oz. / $8.00) I’m super picking about shampoos, since it seems they all strip my hair of oils and leave my hair like straw. But Jane Carter shampoo was very gentle and left my hair soft even before I applied conditioner. Loved it! It’s also paraben free.

Nutrient Replenishing Conditioner (8 oz. / $13.00) This product really does replenish hair. It left my hair soft and well conditioned.

It’s safe to say I was sceptical about The Jane Carter Solution,but now I’m a fan! You can find the products at Vitamin Shoppe and at Whole Foods.