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Hair Inspiration: Face Hunter

Men’s Fashion Week, Paris 6/26/09

Sucker for a redhead. Also, she’s single handedly proving that if you’re going to do those round granny glasses, huge is the way to go.

Men’s Fashion Week, Paris 6/25/09

The other day Laurel Canyon was on while I was at the gym. I didn’t hugely love that movie when it came out in ’02, but it’s grown on me since, or maybe it’s just more interesting to me now that I live here. Anyway, Frances McDormand had that I’m too cool to care, but somehow my hair’s still amazingly rock, which this lovely lady is also sporting.

“Visions – In An Absolut World” Exhibition, Temporary Gallery, Munich 6/18/09

Love her turquoise jewelry, especially the headband, which I think is a necklace worn in her hair. Lovely!

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