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Evolution of Robert

Back in December, I made a slightly negative comment on my site about Robert Pattinson’s hair when he cut it super short. I got a lot of response from readers saying that I was being too judgemental about gorgeous Robert and that he was STILL HOT regardless of the length of his hair. I should know better than to mess with Twilight fans. Lesson learned.

So, to make it up to everyone that I offended with my previous post, I’m going to dedicate this one to the glory that is Robert Pattinson’s hair throughout the years. Cause, damn. The boy has some amazing hair!

Emma Watson, Robert Pattinson and Katie Leung at the Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Tokyo premiere on November 19, 2005. His hair was far more tame back then, but he still looks quite handsome.

With shorter hair and a Spencer Prattesque beard at the House of Wax London premiere on May 24, 2005. Would have worked better minus the beard. (Sorry!)

Robert looking pretty hot (and like he discovered mousse) at the Los Angeles premiere of Sex Drive on October 15, 2008.

And finally, Robert in Twilight. Looking very lovely and vampirey.

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