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You Made Me Promises, Promises

I’m not a huge fan of Kirsten Dunst, but this picture made me a believer. She looks amazing!

I think usually she’s just out and about, living her life and doesn’t try. The paparazzi get photos of her looking like shit, but I can’t blame her. I wouldn’t be all Jennifer Lopez about it either. I would go out in jeans and some old t-shirt with no makeup on, and the paps would get pictures of me looking crazy. So maybe I have been too harsh on Kirsten.

But she did go to rehab for being overly tired or something. That was lame and a total lie.

Wait. Actually, a quick Google search finds that was some dude from Grey’s Anatomy. And it was a psych ward not rehab. (Whoa, dude. wtf.)

Sorry, guys. I never promised you a celebrity blog. So, apparently Kristen went to rehab for depression not for being sleepy. That’s a little better even though it also sounds like a lie. But depression is better than saying you’re tired. Who isn’t tired? God, I’m freaking exhausted. Take me to Promises! Or dehydrated. That’s my favorite. Wonderland here I come; I totally forgot to down my 3 liters of Smart Water today!


I think I need a nap… and a glass of water.

In the meantime, let’s look at some pictures of Kirsten on good hair days:

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