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Under My Umbrella

Is it possible for you to ignore what Rihanna is wearing for a minute?

I know it’s difficult, but I want to discuss her hair.

OK. I will give you a couple of seconds to digest the rolled up denim shorts, the black peep-toe booties that kind of look like those shoe boots things they give you when you have a walking cast, the ear-to-ear chain earrings, the slash armed leather jacket, and the black thigh-high leggings from Rodarte that are apparently $920. (!)

Ok, ready now? Moving on.

So, what do you think about her hair?

Aspects of it I love. The shaved side thing, I fully endorse. I think it’s totally awesome and wish I could do it to my hair.

The mushroomy top and weird brassy highlights are, however, a fail.

Also, RiRi, that’s one big umbrella, ella ella, eh eh eh.

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