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The Long & The Short Of It

My boyfriend doesn’t like short hair.

But hold your hate mail because he also vacuums, takes the cat to the vet, and is pretty much the nicest guy I’ve ever met. He just prefers long hair. When I mentioned this on twitter , people had some strong reactions. Like, “If he wants long hair, cut it, put it in a Ziploc and let him have it!” And, “If a man is that attached to your hair, then he can sleep with it after you cut it off!”

Well, alrighty then!

So as a little hair test, I showed my boyfriend these celebrities and asked him to pick honestly. Which did he like better, the long haired version or the short? Here are both of are choices…

Boyfriend preferred the short cut on Natalie Portman. First out the gate! And I like Natalie better with the pixie too, because she has such delicate, feminine features and can really pull this cut off.

BF said he liked Hillary Swank’s hair long better. And I agree. She has a horse face (sorry, she does!) and needs length to make it work.

(BF liked the bob better. Short hair wins again!) I have this weird love for Hayden Panettiere, although the only thing I have ever seen her in is that cheerleading movie they always show on E!. She’s kinda great in that. Anyway, I prefer her with short hair by far. She has such a doll face and it’s overwhelmed by all those extensions. She looks much classier with the short hair.

BF went for the long hair here. And while I think Michelle Williams looks good either way, I think I have to give it to the long hair here. She may look more like every hot actress girl with the long hair, but that’s not the worst thing in the world.

BF went with the short hair again! And I agree. Katie Holmes looks like a pretty girl you’d see at the mall with the long hair, but the short bob transforms her into a glamorous wife of an insane alien movie star!

At this point, the boyfriend admitted he probably hadn’t given the whole long hair/short hair thing enough thought and agreed that in many cases shorter hair really does look better.

See? HOTB is a teaching tool. đŸ˜‰

If you too would like to win the short hair is hot on girls argument with your boyfriend or if you’d just like to see more of these long vs. short celebrity hair smackdowns (and even vote on them!) go to ELLE.com’s Who Made The Cut.


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