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The Clever Clip

The Clever Clip was recently sent to me by Rachel Taylor, the inventor and president of the company.

The Clever Clip is suppose to hold your hair all day and suppose to hold any hair type: curly, thick, fine, long… You get the picture. But at first I wasn’t exactly sure how to put this sucker in my hair.

Here are the directions:

1.) Collect your hair into a medium height ponytail and grasp from underneath.

2.) Twist the ponytail two to four turns straight upwards.

3.) Spread open the Clever Clip and slide the long end underneath hair starting a bit to the right and ending up a bit to the left.

4.) Grasp the long end and clip it like a safety pin.

After a couple tries, though, I got the hang of it. And if the directions seem confusing, it will make more sense once you have the Clever Clip in your hands and you’re trying it out on your hair.

Best of all, my hair stayed put! I have fine hair, and barrettes and clips always slip out, leaving my hair in my face while I’m working. It’s great to have something that really holds.

I left off the “Tattle Tail”  jewelry adornment, however, because it’s just not my style, but I did think of my nieces. They would love it!

A package of three clips is just $9.99 and they come in three colors: Black, Blonde and Bronze.

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