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Saturday Hair Inspiration

A friends and HOTB reader sent me an email recently asking my opinion about chemically relaxing her naturally curly hair. I advised her against it, since it can cause seriously damage. But I also noted that since I’ve never battled super curly hair, it’s easy for me to say, Oh no, that’s terrible for your hair, don’t do it.

We all do semi-harmful things to our hair: we use blow dryers or flat irons, we rinse with hot water (the horror!), we use shampoos with sulfates. The list goes on. But somehow the sun keeps coming up every morning, and our hair manages to look pretty great once in a while, right?

So I say, if you have a very well-trained stylist who is experienced and comfortable applying relaxers, go on with your bad self, if that’s what you want to do.

That said, I happen to love curly hair. It’s amazing! Maybe I don’t give curly hair enough support on HOTB? I’ll work on that.

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