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Olsen For A Day

Most of the time I don’t get the whole Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen thing. I think I’m too old. I remember them as one baby from Full House, and after that I pretty much stopped paying attention to their careers.

Mary-Kate’s weird homeless person style has never really appealed to me, but this picture of Ashley (it is Ashley, right?) is stunning. Her hair looks a-amazing. It kind of makes me want to go back to this length. But I always feel like it’s boring on me.

I really can’t decide what to do with my hair.

Anyway. I think I just want to be Ashley Olsen today. I mean, she has more money then everyone reading this blog put together. If I was Ashley Olsen today, I wouldn’t have to work. I could just go shopping, go out to lunch, and get my hair and nails did. It’d be great! I know these are very shallow pursuits, but they sound so nice today. It has been a very loooong time since this blogger (and probably you too) have frivolously shopped the way I’m sure Ms Olsen has the pleasure of doing all the time.

But then again, she does have to contend with being like five foot nothing and having that weird homeless person as her twin sister.

So, I guess I will stick to being me.