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Nothing Lasts Forever

Eva Longoria Parker wore this chignon hairstyle at the Premiere of Bright Star at the 62th Cannes Film festival.

It looks alright from the front. Nothing much to complain about.

But the back is seriously sloppy. I can see a bobby pin. Not OK for Cannes!

And I know I probably shouldn’t talk about other people’s bad tattoos, since I have two that I would laser off in a second if I had the money, but I was 18 when I got them! Eva is a grown woman, so why did she get such a messed up tattoo?

Supposedly it says “Nine”, which is Tony Parker’s jersey number on the San Antonio Spurs, but it looks like someone just drew on her neck with a ballpoint pen.

At least she can afford to laser it off, ala Angelina Jolie!