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Modern Mullet

Kate Gosselin of Jon and Kate Plus 8 recently told Entertainment Weekly that her spiky, asymmetrical hairdo reflects her “attitude,” but that “it’s not going to work for everybody.”

Celebrity hairstylists, and anyone with functioning vision, can see this haircut doesn’t work at all.

“The style seems almost punk 1980s, which might be cool if it was 1985 and she wasn’t a mother of eight,” Jessica Gillin of NYC’s Sally Hershberger Salon tells

“The back is way too short,” Gillin says. “It is almost a men’s clipper cut.”

Gosselin would look cute with a pixie cut, but “she’d have to cut the front shorter,” adds Gillin. If she wanted a bob, “she’d need more length in the back.”

Right now, Gosselin just looks like she “has two haircuts going on that don’t blend at all,” says Gillin.

Says Valery Joseph, owner of Valery Joseph Salon in NYC: “The only aspect of this look that works are her side bangs. But her smooth, long bangs just do not match with the short, spiky back.”

Joseph jokingly calls the look “the modernized version of the mullet — business in the front, party in the back.”

Matthew James Fugate of NYC’s Sam Brocato Salon tells there is a plus side to Gosselin’s ‘do: It won’t take long to style. “Hold your super long bangs in your hand,” he jokes, “and put the rest of your hair in a salad shooter.”

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