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Many Colors of Nicole

Nicole Richie is finally starting to look pregnant! I was worried for a while there.

While her hair is looking kinda crazy/Mary Kate Olsenish, I’m going to cut her a break, mainly because I love her.

If you love her too, you can follow her on twitter and her blog .

On her blog, she wrote about her many hair transformations:

I change my hair color all the time. I love experimenting with different looks. However, over the years, because I was changing colors so much, my hair was getting extremely damaged.

Since I had no plans of slowing down anytime soon, I needed to find a colorist that cared about the health of my hair as much as the color. I met Tracey Cunningham about 4 years ago. And I have to say, she is the best hair colorist I’ve ever worked with. She has changed my hair color so many times over the past 4 years, but managed to keep my hair in great shape in the process. Since I’ve been either pregnant, or nursing for the past 2 years straight, I haven’t been able to really change my hair all that much. But Tracey also works with color that is 100 percent safe for pregnant women, and has been keeping my color up.

She just recently opened up her own salon with Byron Williams called Byron and Tracey in West Hollywood. I couldn’t recommend someone more.

Many different Nics looking fab:

I’m going to have to look into Byron and Tracey in West Hollywood. Has anyone been or know anything about it?

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